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Friday, July 27, 2007

AskTheAdmin Demos AT&T's Video Share Service - Intern Falls - People Laugh (Well I Laughed)

AtA had some fun demoing AT&T's new 3g HSPDA service and one way streaming media called video share service. That's a very original name right?

Using a Samsung a727 we were able to send some live lovely streaming video from our mens club (mens room) in Manhattan to the bat cave (data center) and then we did it the other way.

The second way seemed to make more sense as i could now tell her what to do via speaker phone or blue tooth headset as i watched the screen and have her turn the phone so i can see the router and then the switch and then the media the garbage can and the back of i don't know what that is.

It was going great until she tripped over a ups and we went dark.

We went to review the video (her nose dive) but it was gone... No option to save on our end. but hers saved. So we can relive the fall over and over again. Once we checked to make sure she was o.k. (wink wink).

Next up we messengered one phone to my woman out in Brooklyn to see how it would work... You know so I could tell you its great for phone sex. But it was a No go. We couldn't pick up a HSPDA signal and it wont work over edge.

This can be a great tool for us Admins who need access to a closed network or for some recon missions to an ex-girlfriends house (Yeah we are on to you). A few kinks to work out but it is a very cool service plans available for 25 or 60 @ $4.99 and $9.99 respectively. Or obnoxiously whichever you prefer.

No interns were harmed in writing this post - well @ least no physical damage anyway. To check out the video sharing in action hit this.. _TheAdmiN_

- The first phone and service to do live, mobile video calling in the U.S."
PC Magazine -