Admin Unplugged (literally) The Internet Outage and HTC to the rescue. Internet connection sharing ATT Vs. Tmobile ~ Ask The Admin

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Admin Unplugged (literally) The Internet Outage and HTC to the rescue. Internet connection sharing ATT Vs. Tmobile

Optimum online and their high speed internet tubes have shut me down today at 10:11am in mid page refresh and it drove me crazy. I reset my modem, router, laptop and everything in between. I grabbed my bill to make sure I didnt miss a payment and then I called them on it.

I got the whole sorry sir it just happened so we won't know if their is a service outage for some time... blah... blah...blah. Someone will call you back to come to your site at some point today.


So what better time to do a Internet connection sharing comparison between 2 networks via the Dash WM6 Smartphone on ATT vs the Wing WM6 on Tmobile.

I saw faster speeds more consistantly on ATT but they also dipped below 30kbps several times where Tmobile stayed over 29kbps at all times. (ATT seems to handle my requests better though!)

Tmobile Max 76kbps Minimum 29kbps
Att Max 119kbps Minimum 17kbps

They both let me get on and post but it is still sub standard pre 1995 modem speed. I tried using them to do bit torrent - no problem other than speed. It seems neither network is blocking ports - yet. I noticed the Wing timed out after 10 minutes or so and i had to hit a key on the screen to restore it.

But all this does is make we want 3G that much more or how about 3.5G?? Someone want to send me some high speed mobile goodness to review? What is the best available connection for WWAN in the US? Other regions?

Anyone... Anyone... Mcfly?


Update: The Wing on Tmobile timed out or something after 20 minutes and came up on the sim lock screen - Network Locked Enter Unclock Code

Strange and then I had to restart it. Now its working again. ATT seems to be my favorite at the moment.

Update: 1:26PM They had a dude come out and resplice some wires in a box in front of my building. Everything magically came back on. I also noticed a huge box inside the box marked XM. Lots of blinking lights.

And I'm back @ full speed around 20 Mbits - That 20kbps was killer!