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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Active Directory: Can you help Jeff solve the mystery of the evil proxy?

This just in... Can we help Jeff out? I sent him a few follow up questions and have my suspicions... Lets let you guess. In the comments or email em to info at mistercomputerhead dot com.


I’m a bit new to Active Directory and I’m supporting a small office with a SBS 2003 file server, which is also a domain controller. I have the server working fine and I’ve created all of my domain accounts and file shares. I’m in the process of switching the users over to logging into the domain instead of directly into the PC. The first user I’ve set this up for can log in just fine, but every time they log in they don’t have internet access. In researching the problem, I’ve found that each time they log in, the internet explorer proxy is being set to We don’t have a proxy so if they uncheck the user proxy box everything works fine until they log out/shutdown and then login again. I haven’t really touched any of the default policies so I’m wondering if this is some sort of default behavior and how I can disable it. I found your post about how to remove/limit someone’s internet access by creating a “no internet” policy. This appears to be happening by default for me and I’m hoping you can help me turn it off.



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Karl Gechlik

aparently they have killed support for sbs 2003 without any service packs see the article here.

Make sure you are all service packed up!