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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Can I Replace Telnet With Open SSH on Windows?

For those of you out there still living in the dark ages, and still using Telnet on Windows because you haven't found a more viable alternative (You know who you are) We have some good news for you!

Maybe you haven't decided to switch to a more secure solution because you use Windows Servers and Windows hasn't adopted using SSH.

Maybe you think SSH is only for Unix/Linux.

Well, your excuses are no longer good here sonny boy. If you haven't heard there is an OpenSSH port for Windows. Now you can still use the terminal remote access method, but you won't be sending your login credentials and important information across the wire in plain text.

OpenSSH provides full support for SSH/SCP/SFTP. So what are you waiting for? Download OpenSSH and secure your servers.

As we always say at The Safer the better! If we don't have to send our credentials as plain text, we are all for it. After all we do know how to use a SNIFFER!

From Their Website:

OpenSSH for Windows

OpenSSH for Windows is a free package that installs a minimal OpenSSH server and client utilities in the Cygwin package without needing the full Cygwin installation. This is similar to the package formerly available from NetworkSimplicity.

The OpenSSH for Windows package provides full SSH/SCP/SFTP support. SSH terminal support provides a familiar Windows Command prompt, while retaining Unix/Cygwin-style paths for SCP and SFTP.

Catch the download page here. [Via SourceForge]