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Monday, June 25, 2007

Rebuilding your Blackberry

Since we seem to be on a Blackberry kick today, I figure I'll give a little gem that I have learned.

How to rebuild your blackberry.

If you've had a blackberry for any amount of time, odds are that you will experience the dreaded busted OS symbol which looks like a rectangle with a circle and a line through it. Or it will say something like JRE 401 with RESET under it.

If you're at that're in a world of hurting. For one...if you have no backup, or BES server which will repopulate things for you, you're SOL in terms of the data on it.

But the one great thing is that if it is just an OS problem as described above or you simply want to wipe your blackberry and start fresh as you might have a lot of apps on it that you don't feel like removing one at a time, here's how you're going to be able to start over from scratch without having to lock the blackberry and enter the wrong password 6 times to get it to wipe the BB.

What you need to do to start is have the Blackberry Desktop Manager software, and the Blackberry JDE which you can get by clicking HERE.

  1. After installing the JDE and all the pre-req's for it, be sure to close the Blackberry desktop manager.
  2. Connect the offending Blackberry to the USB cable that is connected to your PC
  3. Open a CMD prompt
  4. Move to the following directory: c:\program files\Research in motion\Blackberry JDE 4.x.x\bin
  5. At the command prompt, type the following(THIS IS IRREVERSABLE!!!): javaloader -usb wipe and press enter
You have now initiated a wipe of the Blackberry handheld. It takes just a few moments and it is toast.

Now, you need to have downloaded a copy of the latest release of your handheld's OS from RIM's downloads site. You can find you model usually by going through your carrier's support site. Download and install this package.

After the handheld has rebooted and comes up with the no OS symbol, you can open the Blackberry Desktop MGR software and open the Application Loader. This will tell you that there is no OS on your device and begin the process of installing the OS and giving you the options that you have to install based upon the handheld's OS that you downloaded.

After the OS builds and installs, which should take about a half hour, you're good to go back to square one. Just register your handheld back with your BES provided you have one and life begins a new.

Hope this helps someone out there. Lord knows it has gotten the higher ups around this joint back and rolling within an hour which they love.