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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Question To Let Marinate Overnight (Take Two)

wifi house problemsAlrighty then seeming our reader El Di Pablo (cool name, I just got that) seems to hit it right on the head almost as quick as I pitched it out... (I suck with the sports metaphors...)

Drum Roll Please...

James Dumont from Arizona writes to us:

"Mr. Admin, my house isn't that big but my WIFI drops out all the time. I have two floors, a patio, and a back yard. I could see if it was only dropping off outside or in the basement but I have problems in the same room as the router - what gives? Sometimes it says 100% Excellent and others it drops down to nothing. Its a Belkin Pre-N that I upgraded from a Buffalo G before that and a Linksys B before that. They all give me the same problem. There is no method to my insanity. Can you help me?"
Who can help James? If you do it too quick, I will have to post another question.

Karl L. Gechlik