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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What are some good network monitoring tools?

I would like to monitor event logs on multiple windows machines - maybe ping them every so often?

I used to use something called Emon but it seems pretty outdated. I looked at bigBrother but it seems too expensive.

Do you have a solution?

Have you heard of VMWare??

If you are game then keep on reading... It used to be restricted to linux boxes but now you can get your Virtualization on - Windows style as well.

I have played with a few of these in the past, but if you're managing a decent sized infrastructure you might want to try them. These are VMWare virtual appliances, I will write something on them at a later date, but basically they work with VMWare's free software(they have a player and a server product, both free).

You download these packaged virtual appliances, boot them up and they just go! Of course you want to follow the directions provided...

But lets be honest most IT people are guys, and what self respecting guy really reads directions anyway?!?

Here are a couple of the network monitoring appliances that I have tried at some point. They all have their strong points and weak points. They all take some time and effort to get your network configured in it. But the rewards are pretty nice!

Without further ado, here are some linky links:

Feel free to dig into these. Download them and the VMWare player and give them a go. Don't be shy...one of the glorious things about the VMWare appliances is that you cannot mess up your PC/Laptop by using them as it is segregated from the OS and the hardware, but again...more on that at a later date.

Do you use VMWare? Or how about Microsoft's Virtual PC 2007? Let's here it in the comments guys! Sound off.