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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Make Outlook your biznatch using batch files and customized rules.

love technology asktheadminI have recently fallen in love with having outlook run batch files -depending on what an email from me to me says.

They say necessity is the mother of all inventions and that is certainly true when it comes to scripting. I have been using a WM 6 device with no push email support and popping a pop3 account on the run.

I make sure to offline my outlook before leaving my office. Too Bad The Admin has a horrible short term memory - I would often forget and this would lead to missed messages and angry people in need of support cursing my name.

Now we couldn't have that, so I started looking for an app that would offline outlook for me as I locked my machine. That didn't happen... Not even close.

So I looked into a batch file to shutdown outlook also no go. so I said fuck it and used pskill in a script to terminate the process called outlook as seen here:

taskkill /F /im outlook.exe

Next I went into outlook and created a new rule from scratch. When new messages arrive from a specific account, from specific sender and with the specific subject shutdownoutlook.

Now when I send a email to myself and outlook is open it will process the message see who it is from check the subject and run my script.

Bingo. Emails flowing into my handheld again. so I can do this on the fly. since then I created scripts for restarting my PC, IIS and other apps.

What do you script? Do you automate on a day to day basis?

Anyone know how to make a script run on lock workstation?

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