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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Logo Contest Starts...... Now.

We are accepting ideas for AskTheAdmin logos!

Send em on over to info at mistercomputerhead dot com or post a link to them in the comments.

Check out this one just sent in:

And Here is #2




Think you can do better? Let us be the judge of that! Any of you admins double as graphic designers? We are accepting ideas, suggestions and comments on our site design. Anyone have the time to foks with a custom template for us? Want to suggest a happier or more friendly platform - then go for it.

If you haven't noticed we are trying to get everyone to interact and form a community. Having 1,345 heads is definately better than one! We would love to help boost traffic and gain readership. Help us spread the word get down with the Ask The Admin team today. Contact us and tell us a lil' bit about your self and we will get back to you and tell ya what we think you can do for us.

The lucky user who submits the winning logo will win a surprise bag o' swag we got stored up over here with your name on it. Well it would be your name if your name was Gucci. But nothing in the bag is from gucci tech swag and stuff that runs on batteries.

Get your mind out the gutter... the bags rated g. For grow up :)

We were on hiatus for a while but here is another entry that just came in: