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Friday, June 15, 2007

HTC Wizard(Cingular 8125) - The PPC That Started It All

cingular att 8125 dashOk girls and boys,
This is, in fact my first blog EVER. Now while I'm not going to get all mushy and discombobulated over it, I do feel I have to mention it so that you'd bear with me in terms of 'acceptable' 'standards' and 'formats'.
This first blog of mine will be about the Cingular 8125 AKA the HTC Wizard AKA the Tmobile Dash AKA awww screw it. I think it would be fair to point out that my overall opinion of this device is mixed, that's why this blog will be an ongoing (updated) list of overall pitfalls, features, drawbacks, likes, dislikes, errors, inherent design flaws, hardware, software and more of the such. Since there are more than enough categories, I figured I'd break it down to be a gripe list (-) and a pleasantry list (+).
The aspect of this that might appeal to many is that I've been through 3 product replacements, which were all refurbs, aside from the original store bought device. I've also faithfully trudged through all of the +'s and -'s and continue to use the device and most of its intended, and not so intended features for over a year now.
Another interesting angle is that I will never have the device in my line of sight while I write this blog. I will always write about aspects of the device that stand out the most, mainly consisting of those things, + or - that leave enough of a lasting impression on me that I carry those memories with me even when I don't see the phone (remember, out of sight, out of mind). This way I'll only discuss the most important aspects (to me anyway) of the phone.
So basically this is a review-blog with a time and exposure twist - on to the list.

_ Full signal strength a majority (95%) of the time.
_ Slide out keyboard (also has some minuses, but overall a good feature)
_Wifi support (hardly ever need to use it because GPRS does a decent job)
_GPRS is fast enough, in terms of my expectations of it(maybe i dont know any better?)
_WM5 (see also a bunch of minuses, but overall a base-hit)
_Bluetooth supports 2 simultaneous devices
(only 1 is supported)
_Syncs to Outlolly helps me manage my life (see also some gripes,errors)
_Applications - Outlook, PIE, Excel, Word, Powerpoint all pre-installed
Thats basically what stands out in my mind on the + side, and in fairness to HTC, I wrote the plus side first, so their pluses are above the fold, since i still use and advocate the device.
Stay tuned next time for the minus list, since that list is slightly longer from the getgo.
In the meantime, stay tuned to _AskTheAdmin_ for more insights, tips, tricks, and gripes...
Commodore_64 (the one you played Bruce Lee on)