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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Holy jetPacks Batman

TAM rocket beltOver at Popular Mechanics Website they have a review of two - that's right, I said TWO wearable jet packs. Sadly flight time is under 35 seconds and they cost $155,000 and $250,000. But this is where it gets good: they say they will have one that burns Jet-A fuel next year that will get a flight time of around 17 minutes.
That is the TAM ROCKET BELT on the left and the JET PACK H202 on the right. They both go between 60 and 70 mph for between 30 - 33 seconds and cost between $155,000 and $250,000 so keep saving up! It looks like the more expensive one is a little slower and lasts 3 seconds less. Go figure... I guess it will all be in the marketing!

Ok, forget about sending us an IPhone for review. We need one of these over here immediately for ummmm review... yeah thats it. I don't want to fly around in my underwear fighting crime or anything.

Back to the batcave... Err umm yeah I mean the bath room.

Jet Pack Please