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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Web Hits, Google Rankings and META Tags

seo optimizationWe have gotten a few questions related to how to increase your website's ranking on Google, how to generate mega-hits and how to optimize your META tages.

Here goes just a quick run down.

First of all, for your website to be indexed it needs to be crawled by a web spider. That means you need to have links to and from your site to increase visibility. Make sure you have your "SEARCH TEXT" (the words you expect people will type into Google) listed in your website and in your website title.

We use a great tool called Internet Business Promoter 9. It will tell you your current listing (Usually non-existent) and crawls your site. It gives you a report on what you should change before submitting your site to the crawlers. The best part we haven't mentioned yet.... Wait for it..... Wait for it....

They submit your site automatically to hundreds of engines. We just did this with our site and have greatly increased our ranking and traffic coming in!

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