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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Security Alert: SpyDawn - How to remove manually

SpyDawn at first glance may look like a legitimate application for the removal of spyware, but it's really a malicious program that issues fake warnings in an attempt to trick you into buying SpyDawn. SpyDawn may secretly install and automatically download itself onto your computer.

>> For SpyDawn Manual Removal, continue on reading. (Some technical knowledge required.)

You may be infected with SpyDawn if the file %ProgramFiles%\SpyDawn\SpyDawn.exe appears on your computer.

SpyDawn is part of a group of fake Anti-Spyware applications which falsely report spyware infections, then offer to remove these parasites for a fee. Rogue anti-spyware applications similar to SpyDawn include SpyCrush, Pest Trap, and VirusBurst.

SpyDawn Screenshot:
spydawn screenshot security scam

SpyDawn Manual Removal Instructions:

Note: This manual removal process is dangerous. To avoid the unnecessary risk of damaging your computer, download the removal tool to automatically remove SpyDawn.

To manually remove SpyDawn, follow these removal steps:

Remove these SpyDawn processes:

Remove these SpyDawn registry values:
Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\SpyDawn.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\SpyDawn.exe

Unregister these SpyDawn DLL files:

Detect and delete these SpyDawn files:
SpyDawn 3.1 Website.lnk
Uninstall SpyDawn 3.1.lnk
SpyDawn 3.1.lnk

Here is a list of similar programs that look live removal tool that do more harm than good (if you need help EMAIL OR COMMENT!)


Fixer AntiSpy

Spy Analyst

WinAntiVirus 2007


I hate these kinds of companie that put out this CRAP! Make sure your antivirus/antispyware is running all the time kids!