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Sunday, January 15, 2006

AskTheAdmin Testimonials

Recommended link from The Globe and Mail newspaper. (Canadian Newspaper) bills itself as “free tech support for the masses,” and in the spirit of the holidays it’s offering a roundup of some of the most popular questions it receives daily from thousands of readers. It’s all here: how to figure out why your website is running so slowly, get more power over your installation of Windows Vista and security for Apple Macs. Think of it as the FAQ list that you wish your help desk offered

Quick Review in The Mumbai Mirror (Indian Newspaper)

Got a computer-related query? Head over to today’s site and ask away. AskTheAdmin, started by Microsoft Certified techie Karl L Gechlik, seeks to help out users with PC issues. Do check out the vast database of Q&A’s the site has already built up; and if you still can’t solve your problem, simply ask the admins!

Interview with AskTheAdmin from

...Ask the Admin is a blogging site that has had phenomenal success since it started in June of 2007. From humble beginnings, to today’s 20K per traffic, Ask the Admin is a site that is worth taking a look at. Not just from the success factor, but from the whole “hit a target market and provide real value” view point that all bloggers should be aiming for....

Recognition for our "Inspiring Blog Design" from BloggerBusters

Ask The, This blog has so much personality! Throughout the design and blog posts are funny illustrations, cartoons and such which perfectly enhance the theme of "geeky humor". article on AskTheAdmin and Blogger Customizations.

Hey MakeUseOf! I thought I would share with you what I have learned about Blogger’s Blogspot blogging platform over the last 8 months or so. I jumped into the new Blogger almost immediately after its beta launch and then I wanted to customize it - You know, make it my own.

So I went out looking for how to do it. And here is that wisdom I uncovered. Consider it a gift from me to you. Poor old Blogger gets a bad wrap, namely because people do not know how to manipulate it. I hope this article helps you guys out and if you have any others please let me know in the comments… are indebted to AtA - via TechWag Interview.

Techwag sat down with the AndroidGuys and found out that they are indebt to Ask the Admin, one of those truly useful sites out there, and ended up with a very interesting interview. If you are into android development and want news, good relevant news, then this is the site to visit.

Techwag: Are you affiliated with AtA? (Ask the Admin)

AndroidGuys: Although we are not affiliated in any official capacity with AtA, we definitely owe a great deal of thanks to Karl and his crew over there. He was one of the first ‘bloggers’ to reach out and offer advice and direction for us when we were getting started. By letting us guest blog on AtA a couple of times, we were able to gain some traffic boosts back to our site. Any time we have any questions or are looking for feedback, Karl is one of the first names we think of.

There are a bunch of print articles I am in the process of scanning and uploading!

We have gotten SO MANY thank yous from people we helped. This will be a place to showcase some of our readers' quotes:

  • "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! No one else took the time to help me understand what was wrong with my machine. Thanks for your patience!!"
    Lisa Cohen, Albany
  • "WOW, what a fast response. My cousin thanks you a million fold."
    Joe, NYC
  • "How did I ever live before my AtA tips? You guys do so much for free!!!!"
  • "I can't believe you took the time to help me out. I thought my machine was a goner."
    Mike, NH
  • "My first day on the job as a network administrator and the Admin helped me fix a big boo-boo! Thank you for helping me restore my server's system files."
  • "I am 86 years old and this old dog learned new tricks from the Admin of Ask The ."
    Gilda, Florida
  • "My hard drive's Raid 1 crashed. Thanks for helping me get it back and recreating the mirror. You rock. No seriously you are the bomb!"
    Stephen, Idaho
  • "Slow machine was no problem for you Admin!"
    Rahid, India
  • I get your emails and share them with all my computer acquaintances and encourage them to sign up.

    They are concise, accurate, humorous and very timely and useful.

    Thanks again - John

Feel free to send us your success (or horror stories with AtA!)

We read everything you guys send us - even if we just snicker and pass it around, it helps brighten our day (except those damn death threats).

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