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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ask The Admin touts SEO as one of it's latest offerings

SEO offering AskTheAdmin
Ask The Admin has had experience in the trenches of online hit warfare. Our methodologies have been developed through years of trial and error in the online marketing forum. Our experience and poise in the online realm can be seen throughout our website and by the many happy readers on our site and customers in our little black book.

We can turn your existing website into a money making machine.

With careful testing and optimization of your traffic patterns, your traffic will be guided with soft gloves to it's destination along the path of least resistance.
By running careful tests and experiments we can optimize your traffic to afford you higher conversion rates ($Sales) for your internet dollar.
If your website has traffic, we can optimize your existing flow. If your website doesn't have traffic, we can show you how to bring it. If you're not selling anything, or have not developed your shopping cart as of yet, you are wasting traffic.

We can help you get the most out of every hit that comes to your site and get your shopping cart, product offerings, and affiliations planned correctly so you can hit the ground running.

If your blog has tons of worthwhile content that you've written, don't let it go to waste. AtA can show you how to get that content sprawling it's way across the web.

If your website doesn't offer you any worthwhile statistics, we can set that up for you as well. With FREE tools such as Google Analytics, Stat Counter and many other popular analytics packages, we can show you how to take control of the masses. If you're looking to begin generating targeted lead lists, don't hesitate to email us right away!

If you have leads, we can help you maximize profit potential, if not we can show you how to collect targeted, relevant leads. Sending out email blasts? We can help you optimize and maximize conversion. Have leads but don't know what to do with them? Our experience with email blasting can get your message out, through all of today's spam filters, and looking consistent among all major mail clients.

You've built it, but they haven't come yet?
We can help you make it happen!

Everyone knows leads are clutch in this medium. Every website that is any website has leads; lists of people's email addresses who have expressed interest in what you are selling, preaching or touting (much like aTa touts geeky tech content and humor). Generating leads can seem like a daunting task, but Ask The Admin can show you how to generate a steady flow of targeted leads. A list you can call your own, with no need to spend money on overused, overvalued, untargeted, outdated, 3rd party lists. You can generate leads from your existing website, that you know will be interested in what you have to offer.

We can optimize your website into a lead generating engine that can mean real results for your email blasts. Already have a dependable list? We can show you how to extract the most from it, without alienating your potential customers, or their spam filters.

Utilizing industry leading tools such as Vertical Response and Skylist, we can show you how to plan and execute a successful email campaign. Whether you have 100 leads or 1,000,000 leads, with Ask The Admin on your team, you'll be able to optimize your email campaigns beyond average results.

Click here to find out more about how you can empower yourself to extract the most from your website, shopping cart, or existing traffic. Ask The Admin will show you how.

We are consultants with a true passion for what we do and we are willing to bring all of our knowledge and experience to your virtual doorstep.