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Friday, June 20, 2008

Moving Emails from Outlook (Windows) to Entourage (Mac)


Microsoft Outlook - created by Microsoft. Platform: Windows.

Microsoft Entourage - created by Microsoft. Platform: OS X.


Move emails from Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Entourage.

Common sense suggests:

In Windows, launch Microsoft Outlook, export everything to a .pst file. Copy this file to a USB drive or burn it to a disc. Copy it to Mac OS X, launch Entourage in Mac OS X and import the .pst file.

Well, that's what I thought.

The real solution:

It turns out Microsoft does NOT support email interchange between Outlook and Entourage. I was horrified shocked Not Surprised to learn about this lack of interoperability.

Entourage can only import from it's own archive format .rge or mbox files (text format files). Unfortunately, Outlook can NOT export to either of the two.

After doing some research and reading about convoluted methods of exporting one folder at a time from Outlook, converting those to mbox format and importing it in Entourage, I stumbled upon this nice excellent utility.

It's a Windows application and costs $10. You can download it and pay for it online.

Simply install it on your Windows OS and launch it. It will automatically read your Outlook files and convert them to Mbox format, and PRESERVE the attachments!!

Once the export is over, copy the newly created mbox files and port them to Mac OS X. Launch Entourage and import the files. You will lose Outlook Rules though. Also, the folders will be renamed per ASCII standards i.e. no blank spaces. Blank Spaces will be replaced with underscores.

It's possible that Entourage may suddenly not recognize mbox files either but don't worry - there's a work around. Import the mbox files in iMail. Then, import iMail emails into Entourage.

Another Microsoft horror story? What's your take.

-Abhi Garg